Every Drive Thru Ever

Birt 10 ágú 2020
Because fast food needed to be even MORE convenient. This is EVERY DRIVE THRU EVER!
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Ian Hecox // ianhecox
Courtney Miller // co_mill
Noah Grossman // noahgrossman214
Jacklyn Uweh // jacklyn_uweh
Amanda Lehan-Canto // filmingamanda
Director: Courtney Miller
Head Writer: Monica Vasandani
Written by: Courtney Miller & Damien Haas
Editor: Mike Small
Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Production Assistant: Jacqi Jones
DP: Brennan Iketani
Camera Operator: Kevin Rygg
Gaffer: Tim Baker
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Department Assistant: Yasmeen Mughal
Set Dresser: Tayler Nicholson
Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Stage Manager: David Hill
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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  • Janice!!

  • Courtney when she rollerblades up reminds me of her and shayne and I'm so CONFUSED

  • Casually pays with credit card at a drive thru

  • Did anyone else hear noah say burger queen instead of burger king.

  • Ah yes, Burger Queen, home of the whomper where you can have it their way

  • Burger queen, who gets the reference?

  • Noah was litteraly the best one in this video xD

  • 1:52 they should have made that 2 number 9’s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, 2 number 45’s, one with cheese and a large soda.

  • Noah: you get me that skittles haircu-

  • I miss Ian and Anthony days

  • When you lose the worlds easiest game 1:11 to 1:29

  • Now I remember why I stopped watching these morons. Dude is taking a Porsche to a Burger King... If you've EVER and I mean even for 10 minutes, worked fast food. Then you know this shit does not happen. The nicest car you'll see come through a drive through is a Corvette and even that is 1 in a 1,000,000. People that own Porsches don't eat fast food. Even if they do, they get it delivered, 100% FACTS

  • Flexing the urus

  • I used to live in palm springs ca

  • Hello

  • This made me hungry lowkey

  • The girls really went all out singing, I wish I was that good

  • Janet lives in my brain rent free

  • noahs head looks like a god damn rubixs cube

  • 3:42 I live in palm springs

  • 5:12 the pain in her voice I felt that

  • One of the people: give me more The other: nah The first one: GIVE ME MORE The other: Here’s potato!! Me: * dies laughing*

  • "Bethany, you are a queen. Act like it, okay? Act like it."-Jacklyn *Me, who's name is actually Bethany:* Why thank you.

  • The french fry was giving him head 6:14

  • What is Noah’s hair anymore?

  • 4:29 bruh

  • talking to another customer do be like that

  • I want the translation of this video

  • "Ah thank u for asking me burger queen, my answer is yes " 4:20

  • 4:15 Janice in the beginning sounds a little like Billie and Thea from Bill and Ted Face the Music.

  • I had a smits add before this and my grandpa thought it said tits

  • 5:00 can we get an F in the chat for the chicken nuggets

  • every every blank ever ever

  • I need a Janice in my life

  • burger queen

  • Courtney lost her mind making that Janice character! I'm in tears laughing! LOL

  • I act like Ian when I eat fries

  • That actually happened to me before someone played in front of me 😂 lol

  • Did eny won notic Ian was driving a Lamborghini

  • Noah is mood tho in all of the secne

  • 8:09 - When you're going into labor! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • This is to funny

  • 6:04 A Friday night??? Doesn't look so dark to me

  • I rolled all over the floor laughing 😂

  • Burger Queen what ok

  • I loved how no one was in inside but the drive thru was packed!

  • My new favorite restaurant *BURGER QUEEN*

  • hey ians in the burger king drive trou

  • I kinda miss Courtney's red/brown hair.

  • It’s not the same without Anthony

  • Burger queen??????? Wtf...

  • "Here is potato." Fucking kills me

  • One of those sauces was white claw

  • I miss anthony

  • Make every ER ever ..

  • Does anyone notice that Ian has a bowl-cut now?

  • Burger queen

  • 6:17 that the face i make when the fries are too hot

  • Janice is actually my favorite character omfg

  • Ian’s Macan GTS looks amazing

  • you know you have Smosh money when you drive a Porsche

  • u should make a every TV ad ever

  • did noah call it burger queen on purpose? lol

  • 🦩🐢🦩🐢🦩🐢🦩🐢🦩🐢🦩🐢🦩

  • 5:25 this sentence hit home

  • i forgot to laugh

  • Janice and vegan gordon should date XD

  • crepy

  • First

  • 2:00 Oh, the horror

  • “My answer,is yes”

  • i really miss the old smosh's video :(

  • The chain is called Burger Queen but the food wrapping and things say Burger King

  • One of my friends worked at a drive thru and told me how accurate this video is.

  • My name is Michael also LOL

  • You guys should do every play date ever

  • The 6:50 mark is comedy gold :) Usually, the "special" doesn't sound that good!

  • Janeness no. JANENESS YES

  • Yes the return of janess

  • 6:13 Yeah sex is great, but you ever have a Burger Queen french fry?

  • Can I get a travy patty

  • video: sorry but the ice cream machine broke me:ah yes melting ice creme.

  • When did Noah become Dennis Rodman?

  • 0:54


  • Janice is the best

  • Ian drives a porche

  • Bruh

  • did burgerking let you go in their restaurant

  • Noah’s hair look the balloons in Up

  • Those girls can SING!

  • Pokémon GO

  • Man, I love burger queen

  • Its a good thing there were 0 karens in this video

  • Was he gonna use a card to pay 3.25$

  • 2:44 it’s good because of auto tune

  • Why does Noah look like a ball pit and somebody's discount clown...


  • Everyone: new year new me Noah: new year new hair cut