These YouTubers Are Trying To Cancel Me (YouTube Detention)

Birt 28 ágú 2019
ISchats Detention is back in session and someone’s getting cancelled today. (For clout, of course.)
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Shayne Topp // shaynetopp
Courtney Miller // co_mill
Ian Hecox // ianhecox
Damien Haas // damienhaas
Olivia Sui // oliviasui
Kimmy Jimenez // kimmydoesstuff
Galen Howard // galenhoward
Elyse Willems // elysewillems
Bruce Greene // brucegreene
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  • Morgz, Mr.Beast, Tana Mongeau, and James Charles LOL

  • Mr monster:last to leave this class wins Borgs:ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS Me:YES so true!

  • why is mr beast here? hes a great person

  • *Who is Brad meant to be?*


  • How has this vid got ads

  • Worst place to pause ur screen 9:43

  • I have an idea Make Borgz copy what Morgz does Let's see how Morgz reacts

  • This video came out on birthday (probably no one cares but )

  • That unexpected collab with Funhaus is Epic, they are also comedic geniuses.

  • The Morgan impression was so accurate

  • I swear this dude was lip syncing moths voice

  • Morgz is soo funny

  • so ian plays ricegum... IRRELEVANT

  • IAN’S MOMMMMMMM🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🤨🥳😀😀😀😀😀

  • 🙃

  • Morgs is an idiot

  • I searched it there is actually a video called retorted cats

  • I love how you make fun of morgz

  • 3:15 if this ain't gabbie hanna

  • What’s wrong with me beast

  • Damm I miss his mom and Anthony

  • SMOSH you make Morgz look dumb

  • I like how this is like Ian's channel like last time he was more subcribe but now their not and trynna find video ideas to be more famous

  • Make him more special

  • Damien was so true morgz steals content

  • Are you going to do a Tiktok detention with Charlidamelio, lil Huddy , Yodelinghaley, And more


  • Is Mr. Bruce supposed to be pewdipie or something

  • Why are there no comments well atleast I'm first?

  • There was one part you missed to being Morgz *You Blinked...*

  • i feel bad for ian

  • Morgan voice is very accurate

  • The amount of callbacks, old jokes, and reality checks are fucking beautiful. EVEN THE CREEP CHARACTER FROM LUNCHTIME WITH SMOSH!!!

  • I love the fact morgz is in this but where’s bald Martin

  • The last appearance of Ian's Mom :(

  • The borgz voice love it

  • I hope morgz sees this "borgz" character and reacts to it .

  • Literally "Borgz" is SO accurate.

  • Mr beast is cool

  • This is the polar opposite of what Ian is, he isn’t a past-their-prime guy. He still remains at the top with the other OGs. Idk why I said this.

    • I agree with you, but this is how Ian felt at the time in 2019 (and maybe 2020). He probably felt really hurt for instance that Mr. Beast invited Anthony but not Ian to do the paintball-tournament he hosted.

  • Dude I think cortny is way to good at this character

  • Elyse...? :/

  • Bruce!

  • dude Borgz and mr monster are the most true statements lol

  • ⚪️ISchats🔴

  • Wtf happened to Anthony

  • Britain is good

  • I was so happy to see Ian's mom.

  • Mo- I mean Borges is the most annoying youtuber on the platform

  • Borgan is funny loooool

  • Shots fire to morgz

  • my favourite was borgz/borgan it is just perfect and I could not stop laughing I wish they used that character more often damien's impression was just incredible

  • Damein after the vid: 👁👄👁 -👄-👁👄👁 -👄-👁👄👁 -👄-

  • Honestly i dont even understand the video i just want borgz speaking

  • It good to know his mom is Alive

  • Ian's mum back

  • I love mouthful's that what she said

  • One of the actors are from goldbergs.

  • Is morgz from ireland or uk

  • *morgs I'm pretty sure a 20-year-old man living with his mom very loud and makes very fake content*

  • I want the old Smosh back.when the company got Smosh it just gone bad.

  • Damiens English accent is like the closest I've seen an American do an English accent right.(we don'nt all like tea ,and not all of us are posh!)

    • Well, he is also a professional voice actor so maybe that's why

  • Borgz is morgz bruh that it pretty ancartny

  • Mrs. Elise saying she’s never been gotten, wouldn’t that make her Ms Elise not Mrs Elise

  • Not a genius a An*s


  • the morgz one KILLED ME I C A N T

  • I love Courtney she’s so funny and not as her characters

  • bruh BORGAN?!!?!?!??!??!?!??!??!!?!??!?

  • Why mr beast there tho

  • When I saw the Morgz bit I was dying. The fact it was Damien made it 10x better.

  • Im more annoying than morgz

  • 7:10 Damn, how long has it been since your mum was in a Smosh video?

  • They could of made the teacher as pewdipie

  • The Morgz impression got me laughing my ass off!


  • Find the difference between these pictures. (Borgz, Morgz) They’re the same picture.

  • My Boy’s a JANUS

  • Real fans know brad as we have mushroom pie

  • What did mr monster do tho? Cuz I understand y briana , jamie and birgz are here

  • Damian does a perfect impression of morgz

  • mOm MoRgOrGaN

  • tbh , i tot olivia was nikita dragon

  • I know right

  • He actually really sounds like Morgz

  • 2:20

  • ians monmmm is backkk

  • That dude nailed Morgz attitude and voice

  • complete 110 percent accurate morgz replica. xD

  • i still don't know who Brianna boho is can any one tell me who she is?

  • Someone:have you heard of Morgan Me: I haven’t heard that nightmare in a while

  • Were is totally full head of hair Martin

  • I love the Morgz impression

  • I can’t believe Smosh got Morgz to play himself in this video

  • Morgz is ligit 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 percent accurate

  • I approve Damians impression of borgs/Morgs and why is mr monster

  • What happens to original smosh

  • Borgz is more like morgz than morgz and his MUM

  • Borgan!