Every Morning Routine Ever

Birt 18 maí 2020
Five more minutes, please! This is EVERY MORNING ROUTINE EVER!
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Ian Hecox // ianhecox
Shayne Topp // shaynetopp
Damien Haas // damienhaas
Olivia Sui // oliviasui
Jacklyn Uweh // blkjack76
Amanda Lehan-Canto // filmingamanda
Directed By: Ian Hecox, Damien Haas, Shayne Topp, Olivia Sui, Jacklyn Uweh, Amanda Lehan-Canto
Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
Written By: Kurt Maloney, Lorraine Degraffenreidt, Reed Brice, Rekha Shankar, & Monica Vasandani
Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
DP: Brennan Iketani
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Department Assistant: Yasmeen Mughal
Editor: Brian Rosenthal
Assistant Editor: Matt Duran
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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  • I do this a lot don’t know why i just wake up then go to different room or on couch. 1:53

  • Why does it feel like this leads to Every Insomniac Ever?

  • Poor Danny, lol. 🤣

  • The dog at 2:41

  • Jk I don't believe in Satan jk I don't believe in God I do every body in Egypt does believe in God and God is real and brings good luck believe in God

    • Pray for stuff like me 2 years ago my family was poor now we are not rich but we have a lot of money and we are moving to another house

  • Shayne is ripped asf Boi.

  • Does the merch in the store make your gums go gray?

  • Wait people are still in quarantine ?

  • Shayne waking up suddenly and the first thing he does is check his phone is something we all do at least once a week.

  • The read out of the system of a down song 😂 WAKE UP grAB A BRUSH AND DO A LITTLE MAKEUP

  • 2:45 Me: I like the shirt

  • BOYY

  • You were supposed to do this with anthony 😬

  • How comes i haven't got a single day off because of corona?

  • Morning Routine 2 is finally here

  • Milk crust doesn't matter because the cearel is cruchy

  • .

  • Shane your shower is filthy

  • Ok I would love to have Damian narrate my life. Lol

  • My morning routine consists of going to sleep when everyone else is waking up.

  • For the basket ball thing i feel you 😂

  • 3:14 I didn't get it the first time I watched it, but then between then and now I found my favorite song

  • you guys should do every in-a-out ever

  • Every: Architect ever

  • At the end when she was talking about st Patrick’s day an Irish spring ad came on😂😂😂

  • Smosh is keeping me sane during crippling depression. I wish y'all were my friends.

  • give anthiny back give anthony back give anthony back

  • 5:24 *Laugh in SSD*

  • 3:13 love that song xD Chop Suey by System of a Down is my ultimate fight song

  • My morning routine: Sleep through 3 alarms Grab my laptop and food Go back in bed and watch Netflix

  • When you see that the guy on the toilet has a all might sticker

  • at 0:37 i just noticed the allmight sticker on the laptop

  • Imagine being bill 😂😂😂

  • Aging is a serial killer

  • Tommy Singing Is Everything

  • So she really is 6 feet tall? One can dream 😏

  • How about 'Every Online School Ever'

  • When caronavirus is over you should do every class/school party ever

  • 1:53 phub

  • I get the System of a Down Reference

  • My morning routine: "Wakes up" "Wash my face" "Brush my teeth" "Go to my phone"

  • Dude, where can I buy that bow???!!! xDD

  • gOoD mOrNiG sUnShInE

  • They didn't include guys having morning wood and having to take a piss in the morning.

  • omg its the "gonna start right.... sumons satan

  • 2:56 u have so many icecreams?!!!! 4:15 u have an Alexa in ur washroom?!!!! What tf?!!!! Olivia is rich af

  • 0:21 Life speedrun any% glitchless run

  • I feel you just remade My morning routine.

  • That dog is so cute

  • 1:09 i wanna wake up like that

  • Why is the song catchy

  • Wait, are they in Virginia?

  • The secret about online school is if you have your camera off and you mute yourself and walk away The teachers will not call your name so you can just go to sleep or do whatever you want

  • No offence I like your videos but can you please reduce ur food wastage? :/ there are tons of people who can't have it when they need it.

  • 2:25 scary

  • The merch song is so cringey and trash and I fricking love it

  • Cocoa beans

  • 3:13 OMFG, I finallly know what Tankian was saying.

  • Damien narrating is the only thing getting me through quarantine.

  • Do every book store ever

  • My morning routine: Wake up Go sit at my couch to "open my eyes" End up falling asleep for 2 hours Tell myself I won't fall asleep tomorrow Every. Day.

  • Why satan

  • I get up to to back to sleep

  • 3:13 Hide the scars to fade away the shakeup Why'd you leave the keys up on the table

    • You wanted to !

  • Hey guys I think they want us to buy there merch

  • My morning routine sit in bed all day and play minecraft

  • whats the music in Olivia's eat segment?

  • I

  • My Usual Routine Is I Get Up In Like, 10, Or 11 I Think, Be Tired, And Exist

  • Finally, someone else who loves salt and vinegar chips

  • 👁👄👁

  • Watching this during my morning routine lol

  • Why is shane so hot tho?

  • You Should Make “Every Elder Ever”

  • *hi*

  • My morning routine is simple I wake up I asked to use my moms iPad and then I use my moms iPad simple

  • 冰箱裡面有小美的紅豆牛奶冰棒!!!!!!! Red beans and milk popsicle sticks from Taiwan!!!!! luv it

  • My morning routine pt2

  • 3:36 Omg its all might .o.

  • Milk crust? What is that and is it really that common?

  • The theme song for the merch reminds me of dhmis

  • 1:50 anyone else thought that sounded like something else???

  • hi

  • 0:00, 2:30, 3:41, 5:59, 7:41

  • Just one question does Courtney come with the 49.99 fee for a shirt and stuff Shane also too I'm not a creep I'm just been a longtime scribers since the food Wars started and just wanted to know

  • I’m the person who wakes up and go back to bed...

  • Please don’t Pray to satan

  • We.ll I wish old smith was back smash in 2014 was good in 2015 a company bought them out to do a movie that’s why Antony left and this is what smosh is now

  • 😂 is Frank Sam?

  • Why do I do the same thing at 1:50

  • 3:10 is me

  • don't pinch my cheeks!!

  • Dear satin

  • Did they try to parody 'squirrels in my pants' from Phineas and Ferb? For that merch song? Not sure if those are the right words


  • NOPE GOING BACK TO BED!!!!!!!!!!!

  • YOUR MY FAVORITE PIZZA PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 8:25


  • 1:51 YUPPPPP