Every Quarantine Ever

Birt 23 mar 2020
Keep calm and wash your hands. This is EVERY QUARANTINE EVER!
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Ian Hecox // ianhecox
Courtney Miller // co_mill
Shayne Topp // shaynetopp
Damien Haas // damienhaas
Olivia Sui // oliviasui
Monica Vasandani // monicavas
Sam Lerner // samlerner
Mark Raub // markraub
Directed by: Ian Hecox, Courtney Miller, Olivia Sui, Damien Hass, Shayne Topp & Monica Vasandani
Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
Written by: Monica Vasandani, Kurt Maloney, Olivia Sui & Courtney Miller
Editor: Mike Small
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
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  • Bro the chest up and downs

  • its jeff from the goldbergs

  • I love how Shawn changes what he is talking into


  • 3:58 - 4:45 anyone noticing that he changes it (i mean the phone I want to spoil it for u but I wont" EVERYTIME hes in shot?

  • Honestly the first one was me and my siblings at 3am

  • We were all so young and naive when this came out...

  • Worlds worst Aussie accent (has Aussie friend)

  • Damien's cats is my cat's everyday mood.

  • Me: *goes and watches everything on Netflix* Also Me: "I'm the Queen of Netflix"

  • Anyone else gonna talk about how hot Ian has gotten

  • I would ask for among us to be made into a movie 😂 I’m addicted

  • Where did they get Kama blades at 10:50?!!

  • Did no one notice at 5:24 that’s there a window right there?????

  • P H A T

  • Did Shawn say tooth bitch-

  • Are we gonna ignore the fact that Ian has windows.. in his shower?

  • shayne does a better australian accent that australian people

  • HEY YOU AT 1:47 i se a all mite akchen figur your a wib rite and hos your fiv my Hero academia cerekter mins bakugou

  • why does daimion have wepons

    • sorry if i miss pronaust your name


  • Shane’s Aussie acent is LITTERALY JFK?!

  • “ where stuck inside foe 1 mont “ ya let’s see how that’s turn out for you Shane

  • Bro is that Brandon Cavillo??

  • Wth

  • I didn't even realize this was filmed with phones. Like technology has come so far 🤗

  • 5:22 ... why do yo have a window in your shower?!?!

  • Have not watched smosh for a couple of months and I forgot dose Ian ware glasses a couple of years ago?


  • -after “Lisa” washed her hands 2736387 her hands became raisins-

  • 7:03 really do be funny tho

  • I’m dead

  • When we are aloud to go outside again 69% people will look pregnant but just be fat.

  • does shane know literally no aussie sounds like that? 😂😂🦘🦘

  • Y’all she looks like Miranda sings

  • Ha next month

  • But back in 2010 his hair is really ugly so that's why no girls want him

  • I like ian new hair

  • His phone changes

  • Wtf

  • 6 months later still in quarantine

  • Is that really olivias bf in 1:03

  • *Day 334 of Quarantine.*

  • 13:59 this is me lol

  • Friend: "what you'd do over quarantine" Me: "Ive mastered almost everything and I think I caused the big bang"

  • It was funny =]

  • 3:56 I love how the phone changes to something different every time it cuts back to Shayne

  • 2:06 as an Aussie I’ve never felt the urge to hit someone with a chair as hard as I wanted to do to you. PS love your videos I wouldn’t touch your face

  • I’m affended by the Australian one

  • 1:02 the ps4 isn't on he aint a real gamer

  • All the fun of this channel has been lost

  • I don't know why this bit is funny but this keeps cracking me up! 12:26

  • Shane‘s personal insecurities look like Courtney Frick and Miller

  • I realized in 3:57 Shayne is calling from a phone, to a lighter magically in 4:16, and then to other really random stuffs that he found lol

  • 4:16 Shane legit used a lighter as a phone. that's quality gold shit right there also Damien's cats are so cute

  • Wait does the second skit have the boyfriend from the goldbergs?

  • we dont say Sneaker we say runners

  • *Ian with the Cinnamon Toast Crunch pj’s is hella fire*

  • 2:05 Us Australians don't speak like that but whenever somebody does an Australian accent like that I always laugh my ass off and I do know its a joke

  • Damian loves all might

  • ummm who has windows right next to them in the shower like 5:24 and its not a high window

  • The last Australian one was not even English

  • 2:26 that’s the real deal

  • Smosh now A days 🗑

  • This makes me so happy that they are still making videos together even in that peak of quarantine! :)

  • When Shane does the Australian seen every Australian “…”

  • See he has belly fat does a push up...

  • The Australian accent bit is pure comedy gold.

  • the first one is disturbing :l

  • u all look do hav fun

  • 1:11, he says did you just fart again, 9 days after she farts the first time.

  • This video is 6 months old, and I just noticed Shayne using random things as a phone. 😅😂

  • isin it funny how in the lego video noah built a airplane with duson powerd stuff but ian has the fan in his house

  • "We are stuck in our apartment for the next month" *LITTLE DID HE KNOW*

  • Dam those two are weird

  • ??..

  • as an aussie...shane, stop. just stop.

  • I’ve officially lost my mind as an Australian and hearing the guy trying to do an Aussie accent even though barely any Australians call tvs ‘tavas’

  • I want to be the king of netflix too.

  • this is what people do without minecraft

  • ian has a beard?!?!

  • Damien: This is the last day of quarantine, how'd you guys do? Me still in quarantine in september: ...

  • When this first came out I didn’t know what quarantine was-

  • 3:15 so Cuties, damn smosh are you psychic.

  • I know right he is cute

  • Yea this hilarious

  • me when i have a bone 1:22

  • The cats though

  • Is no one going to talk about Olivia‘s boyfriend looking like Erika‘s boyfriend from Goldbergs ????

  • Shayne’s Aussie accent sounds like Russel Crowe after a big night out.

  • OMG.. Shayne you NAILED that Australian accent!! Love you smoshhh!!!! (idk why i was so formal with the comment lol)

  • Btw at 2:24 in austrailia i dont think they call them sneakers i think they call them runners

  • I just found out vegans don't know but, 100% of studies show that plants feel pain and know when they're being eaten. Note: This is a joke shaming vegans, do not reply to me, "OH THEY DON'T FEEL PAIN THEY DON'T HAVE A BODY!". It's dumb.

  • Did damien make/predict cuteis with the “king of Netflix” scene

  • Is it bad that I only noticed Shayne switching objects to use as a phone when he used the book?

  • 10:00 still not the last day of quarantine

  • O Ok Ok t Ok th Ok the Ok then Ok the Ok th Ok t Ok O Ok Ok t Ok th Ok the Ok then

  • My notification sound is the p hub intro so this went down. Video Isn't this the perfect time to just- Notification: P HUB INTRO My mom: what r u watching?

  • You played sims music

  • Practically half a year later, still quarantining... wow