We Need To Talk About Tim

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We follow a day in the life of Smosh's most elusive crew member- Tim from IT.
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Tim Baker
Kurt Maloney
Monica Vasandani
Chris Mathieu
Garrett Palm
Brittany Metz
Kevin Rygg
Brennan Iketani
Directed by: Brennan Iketani & Ryan Finnerty
Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
Head Writer: Monica Vasandani
Staff Writer: Kurt Maloney
Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Edited by: Mike Small
DP: Brennan Iketani
1st AC: Jacqi Jones
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Department Assistant: Yasmeen Mughal
Props/Stage Coord: David Hill
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
It/Equipment Manager: Tim Baker
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller

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  • I love how they pretend about being mean to tim and he lives in a car lol but in reality he's ok ..... right?

  • I want to ask one question and please answer honestly. Did you film Kurt talking about nipples in that specific room on purpose?



  • IT'S TIM!!!!!!


  • That line from Ian about the crew at the end had me laughing so bad 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • this was funny

  • can we make Kurt and Tim fandom, please? like Kurt and Tim is a secret lover back in high school

  • This was cute

  • I love Tim and all his vests

  • call me weird but an intelligent IT guy with glasses and vest? dream guy😂😂

  • this was not 3 months ago I know it. I remember watching this 1 month ago at night when they published this

  • He kind of looks like Matt Damon, but it's probably just me.

  • Lmao I need more videos on the Garret/Tim meth timeline

  • I’ve watched this probably 4 times and I’ll never get over “also i have a severe meth addiction”

  • I subbed for Tim with a beard

  • Tim's meth problem is like Katie's (collegehumour) cocaine problem.

  • is no one gonna talk about the gmm cup orrr

  • Does tim really live in a car?

  • I love how popular Tim has become over the years

  • I love Tim

  • One Word All Caps No Spaces

  • Yoooooo meth makes me fun and fast too, could also be my ADHD and Autism tho... (dont mind my pf im too lazy to change is lmao) But forreal, its good to see a vid about Tim especially for me as i was also "the IT guy" when i was like 11-13 somewhere (i go to Dutch school so idk the American grade system but it was Dutch 8 grade to Dutch middle school)

  • This was amazing!! We need a series introducing every member/staff of the smosh team like "The office" 🤣🤣

  • to tim is actually me, mood tim, mood. 😌

  • Starting youtuber in full world

  • Smosh:my old youtuberrrrrrrrr my:old chanell 20m subscribers pui

  • Monica & Kurt over here killing it with the scripts!

  • So did Tom leave the Tobuscus/Gabeuscus crew?

  • Stupid question but does he actually live in his car?

  • I love boss jokes. It's really funny on ISchats when employees and employers make jokes about working for people who are also on video like with game grumps.

  • this feels like an unseen the office episode.

  • How do you know how brown sugar smells...? Won't you just snort in the particles and gag on it...?

  • This is amazing, we need more of these


  • Went from wholesome Tim to meth addict REAALLL QUICK

  • you know how their's the office uk but know get ready for smosh office. god i just noticed how tim looks like if dwight shrute and michael scott fused together

  • Beard Tim

  • Meth Car!

  • Tim vs Kurt fight

  • He dresses real nice, and apparently smells like brown sugar

  • Give him all your money

  • Tim is my God. I worship our lord and savior Tim.


  • I need an Office style show starring Tim

  • I'm glad they had Tim be the center of a video, he's great! Sidenote: the meth really does make him fast!

  • What the hell is this the fourth wall broken reality is a lie my brain is melting out my eyes i dont like this its a nice video but i like every blank every videos Also hahahahah tim:also i do alot of meth ha

  • Me the whole time: This is not the office This is not the office oh gOd iT is

  • the smoffice

  • I remember Kurt from the very old smosh videos

  • Boop

  • Tim is exactly like my dad except my dad as no idea when it comes to technology.

  • I'll still never forget the iconic "GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY"

  • So i've recently discovered that i may or may not be tim minus the meth addiction and also the living in a car part

  • This feels like an episode of the office

  • As a big nipple boi myself, I think me and Tim can be friends

  • i love tim he's precious

  • I like Tim, Tim is nice

  • Midway through suddenly: *M e t h*


  • The “Maybe I can ‘Ketchup’ on my emails.” joke then the guy’s like “What? I wasn’t listening.” moment? That stabbed me in the gut I felt that so much. 😂

  • I mean I’m like a mercenary -Funny Mqn

  • They really should make more of these, gives me The Office vibes and that show continues to be popular as ever.

  • There should be a comedy mockumentary-style show based just off the smosh production team.

  • That tune for the song is from a band called Summer Salts

  • The good doctor but for IT.....dude seems like the most chill but most funny

  • Boze would’ve loved to be in this video


  • Aww I feel like Tim is giyuu from KNY

  • this reminded me of The Office 😂 so good

  • The notorious, Tim.

  • I like Tim. Tim is nice

  • What did smosh become

  • This has collage humor vibes

  • Tim with a beard has a different energy

  • I can't tell if this is supposed to be a joke or not

  • Kurt, ya Kurt-bastard!

  • the smosh office !!!!!

  • I like the office type style skit


  • You know, I've never seen The Office

  • Bro, the guy who was wheezing is sooooo red, like you could see he’s about to die, like I could see the blood rushing through his face and is about to explode like wtf

  • So smosh is like gay now?

  • wAit TiM dOeS mEtH?! **flashback Kimmy’s meth*

  • Tim: Now with beard!

  • Damien = blue Correct

  • Tim tim plays for days in a maze and its a minotaur taur tiny minotaur taur mini minotaur taur...

  • I’d love to see more like this

  • Major Office US Vibe

  • 6:57 “AND FAST” kids do meth so you can be a fun fast Tim!

  • 6:03, 8:13

  • we need more smoffice skits like this

  • I want nothing but happiness for Tim

  • The Smoshfice?

  • Tim is a precious human being that needs to be protected at all costs. Especially from Garett 🤣

  • Why he seem like Dwight from the office

  • This has web series potential.

  • You need to put the "Merch in the store song" on Spotify, seriously no joke Smosh do it!!

  • D