Every Quarantine Graduation Ever

Birt 11 maí 2020
That classic valedictorian speech about "the great unknown" hits different during a pandemic. This is EVERY QUARANTINE GRADUATION EVER!
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Ian Hecox // ianhecox
Courtney Miller // co_mill
Shayne Topp // shaynetopp
Damien Haas // damienhaas
Kimmy Jimenez // kimmydoesstuff
Directed By: Ian Hecox, Courtney Miller, Damien Haas, Shayne Topp, Kimmy Jimenez
Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
Written By: Kiana Parker, Kurt Maloney, Monica Vasandani
Production Manager: Alicia Gaynor
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
DP: Brennan Iketani
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Department Assistant: Yasmeen Mughal
Editor: Brian Rosenthal
Assistant Editor: Matt Duran
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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  • I would love to see Shane talking to the camera for an hour talking about how bad decisions the guy has made

  • There is someone at my school with the surname Nguyen.... That’s weird...

  • Ian's sake bomb took me _out_

  • 1:45 really gonna call me out like that

  • 0:25 in the video!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Zoon

  • I wonder why zoon sounds soooooo familiar

  • 1:24 is your mom really that dumb? 3:43 uh ok does this teacher listen when he was a kid? i know im not trying to be mean but its my opinion :>

  • Ein:reeebacaaaa smit I’m a Scottish lad YEYEEEEEYyyyeeeeeeyyeyYRyRyeyEyeYeY

  • why was there zoon instead of zoom

  • i saw a gwost

  • I should have graduated high school this year in May. Oh wait I did! Did I?

  • Ah yes.... Z O O N

  • i expected the kid with a bad audio quality

  • Smosh:graduate online Me:graduates in Disneyland

  • is Courtneys pupil broken? That's so cool!

  • Why do I feel like I’m just like Kimmy, disliked. ( I like Kimmy tho, also I don’t know if them being mean is part of the skit)

  • I missed when It was just Ian and anthony.

  • As a 2020 graduate, this is accurate. Only I was a college graduate who didn’t even do this.

  • i use google meets

  • It's more than just a piece of paper, it's a piece of paper saying you graduated. 😌

  • I had done secondary school graduation (class 10) class 12/senior secondary (equivalent to community college) and college degree during non Covid era but all three times there are no ceremony .In secondary and secondary I collect degree from school after 3 months of passing exam. And in college the degree they delivered it to my home directly from my university.

  • Why most graduation video in US is about high school graduation not about college graduation .In my country no one is considered graduate unless you college degree (and here college doesn't mean community college) .

  • 1:44 *same*

  • Alice N gu yen. Laughing out loud so realistic

  • Shane’s last segment hit hard.

  • 2:18 look at Courtney’s right eye

  • Zoon is way better than zoom

  • 5:09 Kimmy’s reaction 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ian's calling millennial names weird while his own name rhymes with cocks... XD


  • My sister did her graduation 1 week ago and all they had to do was they called there names they walk across the stage then go around the track then get yearbook and diplomas

  • Zoon

  • 1:02 every Karen in quarantine graduation ever

  • My school just announced it over the radio, and then 3 months later had students drive by get out take pictures in the cap and gown., and then leave. It was not worth it, and it very stupid.

  • Shane really came for me xD

  • my name actually starts with Z, seriously

  • I played breath of the wild beating dark beast ganon for the 5th time during my grade 9 grad because I don’t give a fuck about it. It’s not like it’s college grad or high school grad

  • 3:37 I thought it was supposed to be Zoom not Zoon

  • 4:54 look at the far right web cam/ courtney's web cam and it shows two clips put together to make it look like one, and also I think it shows the same clip going backwards and fowrwards repeat for maybe like 3 seconds.

  • My daughter had to walk from the car to the front of the school to get her diploma, in the middle of a wind storm and yes, I'm very upset I didn't get to post 1,000 pictures on Facebook of her walking across the stage, even the blurry ones. 😔 On the bright side, were having a party Saturday. Screw you, Coronavirus!

  • ZOOM FAIL!!!!!!!!!!


  • PUT YOUR SHIRT & PANTS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EVEN THE BLURRY ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Damien looks and sounds like my uncle

  • Put on Subtitled at 5:14

  • Yesterday was my “graduation” it was just a live in Facebook

  • our graduation wasn't even on zoom, just posting pictures of ourselves in cardboard hats and tagging the uni. Tad anticlimactic after a 4 year master's but there ya go :'(

  • A kid in my classes name is Lucas Anderson...WHAT

  • didnt even have it online zoom call. Was just a premiered 1 hour long youtube video

  • Do every basketball ever

  • Did I really not see this video for 2 months

  • My high school grad was uploaded to youtube. They forgot some people’s names in the compilation so they said they’d fix it and reupload. When they reuploaded, they still forgot some people’s names.

  • Every photo that your parents took of you is probably on facebook

  • 6:40

  • Did they replace peter peter With Damien ?

  • WoW

  • Them all

  • Till I watch

  • I have 7 more every blank Evers left

  • hey Ian if you see this ... what’s it like to take the sake bomb ?

  • Is it gay if I think Shane topp is cute ?

  • My cousin went to her school and graduated

  • ZOoN

  • I got to go to a school prom this year and I got to graduate IRL instead of online

  • Its funny as they said zoom but int the corner it sais zoon

  • This made me sad

  • “ Zoon “ Btw courtney said zoom not zoon so did ian

  • I have friend named Rebecca smith too



  • You know this is the last video in the school series cause they’ve now graduated

  • We did a zoom call graduation and the beginning was accurate. I threw it up and it landed next to me but I pretended that it kept going up.

  • i'm jealous i graduated 2 years ago and not now. i was forced to sit through hours of "speeches" and "praise" that i dont even remember and never cared about. grad ceremonies; total waste of time 0/10

  • I liked it when Shane had a Switch controller as a mic

  • Zoon 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • ITS JUST A PIECE OF PAPER!!!! me: HEY HEY HEY WATCH UR MOUTH BOI BEFORE I SLAM U ON A TABLE i didnt mean that its just a joke dont take life too seriously :> tbh i was really mad when she said that was just a piece of paper

  • Carl's mom is so stupid you need the paper for what university you are gonna go or do you want your son to drop out

  • This video is 10 mins long because of Shane talking about Ian’s mental health state and his shit

  • Who online classes with a Webcam

  • When you trained 2 months to do the sword thing on graduation

  • My sister is a senior, and they're doing 5 ceremonies based on last names and your allowed to bring 4 people. I get to watch from home.

  • 5:13 same

  • When ads come on I'm going to have my own grad night with hookers and Olay retinol 24

  • my school, today (june 22) just had our grade drive graduation parade where 1-4 teachers of that grade, sometimes the principal, would come to your house if you payed 10 bucks for a school, and give u a t shirt and some 2020 plastic glasses. it depends on if how close you live to both the teachers and the school, that that many teachers would come. i live 20 minutes away yet i got a GYM teacher coming to our house but some one who lived an entire state which was an hour away, got all 4 of our main teachers AND the principal come to their house

  • Every Procrastinator Ever

  • Somehow this is the first video I realize the shut up intro is gone

  • Got to appreciate the fact that Shane is able to keep that body during quarantine.

  • I'm always so sad for Ian even if it's a roleplay He just wants to do his job :(

  • I dont get to graduate till August, and the school doesn't even know what they're doing for graduation.

  • I got to graduate

  • 6:48 ad placement so he just says im spending my night with hookers lmao

  • hahaha I graduated in 2018 and went to the world cup lol! hahaha thank God I had ceremony!

  • Shayne being the school clown


  • I hope that was a real sake bomb

  • Does she understand that this is a piece of paper

  • I like the ZOON in the corner

  • 2020 be a freaking weird year though 😂