The Most Annoying Roommate

Birt 20 maí 2020
If you’ve got a pile of dishes in your room, a lack of volume control, and issues with boundaries, it’s likely you’re the world’s most annoying roommate.
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Ian Hecox // ianhecox
Courtney Miller // co_mill
Shayne Topp // shaynetopp
Damien Haas // damienhaas
Director: Monica Vasandani
Executive Producer: Ryan Finnerty
Writers: Monica Vasandani
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  • Yo, this is the theory: Jordan grow up to become a serious and respectful man (he even changed his name) and now he can't stand another person being as annoying as he was because it reminds him of his previous mistakes in life.

  • Unlike Jordan, Dan knows and actively tries to be annoying

    • Think it's natural really.

  • 2:55 Anyone see the way those thighs bounced? 😍

  • wheres Anthony?

  • At least they can put up with Dan's sh*t.

  • I tried to assign these roles to the characters in New Girl and realized that Schmidt is all of them.

  • What a stupid boi

  • shayne looks like Carlisle from Twilight

  • The part about the hour poops, the speaker phone, and leaving dishes in your room, this feels like a personal attack.

  • "My dad's a lawyer" Dan: that's great I'll hire him

  • Intro merch ad kinda kinda fire🔥🔥

  • My name is casey irl

  • You need bugs im the guy

  • You know what would have been cool? If two of the other roommates of got married because of Dan's annoyance and then when he moves out they're like, "THANK YOUUUU BEING SO FUCKING ANNOYING"😂😂

  • Is it just me or does merch in the store remind you of don't hug me I'm scared

    • I hear it too. 😨😂

  • play that apex

  • is this new girl


  • Ay he's playing apex🤣

  • Next anoyying kid vs anoyying roommate

  • Lol

  • I love how shayne and Ian basically swapped roles for most videos lol

  • Why isnt shayne the annoying kid😭

  • I cant stand the toe socks, so annoying

  • Tbh I’ve been the most annoying person in the class and when people ignore me I kinda feel depressed and my mood just goes black

  • I honestly think Shayne is the hot and smart one but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Just me?😆

  • i would watch this as a weekly series

  • 5:13 XD

  • Who else thinks Ian or Casey is pretty much nate Hill

  • Calling a house meeting then blatantly saying they will evict you is the best plot twist ever... Someone get the reference

  • Bruh there is 999k viewers rn

  • This is you Sarah you know who you are yeah you Sarah this was you

  • I definitely want to get March now

  • Good song

  • Isn’t this just “new girl”

  • Awwwww I wanted to see more of Jordan Swartz

  • 2:01 When you get a shit Christmas present

  • You know what There's merch in the store

  • Oh my! That annoying man child is ME!!!!

  • Annoying kid grew up...

  • What happened to Smosh?

  • A chunk of the stuff you mentioned is what my brother's old roomates were like from college. I would send this to him but I think I would be sending him done a sad memory lane so...

  • Shayne would have done it so much better lmao

  • "Like a mother tereasa situiatin

  • This was exactly like one of my last roommates. You’d think that because she was the oldest in the house she would be the most mature, but no!


  • My brother is the annoying roommate in our house

  • What’s wrong with Courtney’s face

  • Me: Sees 3:53 Also me: My new QUARANTINE HOBBYYYYYY

  • Me

  • * I feel like Damian switched bodies with Shayne *

  • Ian saying the apex thing made me happy

  • Damien gave me hives. I have had a roommate like this for years

  • I'M SHAVING!!!!!!!!!!

  • SARAH THE GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • YOUR SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lolololol

  • The TV in the living room is so goddamn high

  • Damien is secretly an energy vampire lol

  • Yo Courtney the twighlight series is great huh?

  • The Merch song is amazing

  • This is my sister

  • Hello Smosh HQ? Your my favorite pizza place

  • *Why is this New Girl in a nutshell*

  • Shayne being serious is hot and funny

  • Can y'all make Tommy's merch in the store songs their own videos on here bc they're great

  • 3:43 whats ya username

  • Lmao ian and shayne should’ve switched switched roles

  • The “adult who isn’t really an adult”

  • If Shayne was truly a Virgo

  • Damien probably apologized behind the scenes

  • I love how Courtney is only the girl

  • How Ian just busts it down 😂 0:03

  • I can't with the new merch jingles man...

  • Wait, is that the house of "Homeschool Check" in E.B.E Tik Tok?

  • Is it just me or was there something on Courtney’s face?

  • Aww the annoying one :( Wait no it's ok cause there is MERCH IN THE STORE

  • 2:12 read the book back cover

  • WhErE is ThE HoT OnE

  • Brian is the hot one to me

    • Thought I was the only one thinking it. 😂😏

  • I love the part where it’s like “hey my dads a lawyer.” “Great! I’ll hire him!.

  • This is offensive to Dan's everywhere 😭

  • Cheese balls, Brussel sprouts and salsa the perfect diet

  • Dan reminds me of Colin Robinson from What We Do in the Shadows

  • Damn, Ian rock the hot one role so well


  • is this the teaser for a new girl reboot


  • No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: Smosh: THERES MERCH IN THE STORE

  • Ian my man apex legends my main man

  • I remember smosh in 2009 before I had an account

  • ian wearing a high quality flannel and a full beard is attractive and you're lying if you say otherwise

  • Why is there a hand bag in the fridge

  • 0:00

  • 1

  • “I miss human touch” Same...

  • Dan’s like an energy vampire from what we do in the shadows except he feed off of annoyance



  • I got buffered for the first few seconds: everythings fine... everythings fine... everythings fine... everythings fine... everythings fine cos there’s merch in the store!!

  • Remember when Ian was the funny one instead of the hot one.