Good Mythical Morning | You Posted That?

Birt 23 okt 2019
Our friends at Good Mythical Morning are here to look back on their digital pasts in this epic kickoff of our third season of You Posted That! Thanks to Audible for sponsoring this video. Start listening with a 30-day Audible trial. Visit or text smosh1 to 500-500.
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Ian Hecox // ianhecox
Rhett McLaughlin // rhettmc
Link Neal // linklamont
Stevie Wynne Levine // steviewlevine
Director: Ryan Todd
Show Runner: Ryan Finnerty
Director of Production & Operations: Maíra Corrêa
Writer: Monica Vasandani
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  • stevie looks 15

  • Dont know these boring people.

  • How can u not remember what u posted lmao :) Nice acting

  • Link has 0 shame and I love him

  • not me getting a fortnite ad after the fortnite hashtag

  • where's Anthony

  • Seeing Rhett with short hair is jarring.

  • i could listen to stevie speak the whole day

  • Smosh like getting their bosses Rhett and Link on the show don't they

  • Gremlins and Princess Bride are the same movie.

  • Rhett literally got everything right

  • “Sound it out”

  • Link: $5 for a Gremlins DVD? Me: That tag is for Princess Bride

  • I'd really like smosh if Ian left

  • Fun fact: this whole series of you posted that was actually the first video that go me into smosh. It’s been 2 years

  • Its so great they keep giving Link questions from 3-5 years ago and they're giving Rhett and Stevie questions about ones from like last week. Fantastic

  • Stevie looks drunk 🥴 lol

  • When rhett gets the last one right link turns into Kermit the frog

  • That catmobile joke was great😂

  • Posted on my boudday

  • I missed the old song😢

  • Anyone else have a crush on stevies voice

  • Where are Keith and Shayne? Did they leave?

  • Link is the much more attractive slightly less inappropriate version of joven

  • Gotta do a So Random one now

  • And....Rhett wins just like he always does on gmm 😂

  • I swear link has anger issues lol

  • This show should come back again.

  • I miss Shayne on these episodes. And the old set. And the music interludes with Keith

  • I haven’t been watching this for that long so I don’t know when they change the theme song but I loved the old one I miss it

  • It's funny cause Rhett and link own smosh

  • You should do one with JonTron

  • Link LINK *LINK*

  • We Need co- host Shane and Piano Man Keith Band

  • Rhett reminds me of joel

  • Did anyone hear 9:18

  • I know "dinner with someone" doesn't denote romance, but does Stevie date men?

    • No. And she said it was at a dinner. Meaning other people were there.

  • Rett’s mind fascinates me

  • Season 2 was great you weirdos

  • That was great.

  • Link is pre-president Lincoln and Rhett is post-president Lincoln

  • I like to think that it was like "Oh shoot!! We forgot to send out an invite/whoever was invited didn't show up" *_Runs in panic through the studio, past Josh baking a scateboard, to Rhett&Link's office_* "HALP"

  • I love stranger things

  • I love these moments were link something really weird and or embarrassing and calls himself out such as 7:25 and that time he licked his lips when they were testing which pants make the booty look better ( probably to avoid being called out in the comments lol)

  • 11:11 Link clapping HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Link had a break down 3 minutes in

  • Why was i actually able to guess rhett's first question right.

  • 6:10

  • the true question is: top or bottom?

  • Proof link can’t win anything

  • they never say what charity they actually donate tho lol

  • I knew it was explosive diarrhea by looking at the sentence

  • I just realized me and link have the same birthday

  • Wait this isn't El Smosh

  • Smosh x Wong fu collab. Phil, wes and ted need to be here.

  • Why is no one talking about how much she looks like avril lavigne?

  • can we please get this back

  • So why does link get such older tweets

    • Because he rarely tweets.

  • They have to have jacksepticeye on you posted that change my mind

  • Imagine not hating stranger things

  • Wow on my birthday wow wow wow good job link

  • DAMN it took me half the video to realize that the host was the Smosh guy

  • The first and final episode of season 3

  • pokimen ..who dafuq says that

  • Boob milk galaxy? Did you know that it was breast milk that gave the Milkyway it's name

  • 4 of my favorite ISchats's in one video

  • I realize after the "Not my two dads" round: Stevie looks like she could be Rhett's actual daughter. (Her sense of humor is a lot like his too)

    • Alex Kimball Also the fact that she looks a lot younger then her actual age may fool some into thinking that she IS Rhett’s daughter!

  • Smosh and Good Mythical Morning! Best Crossover Ever

  • I remember when smosh was good

  • What's with Link and losing all the time.

  • where's Shane and the house band ? :(

  • Just incase y’all didn’t know... When Link said “difficile” it means difficult in French

  • Who actually watched the whole ad at the middle of the vid?

  • Why does Ian look like Link

  • is rhett jacksepticeyes brother

    • The one in middles name is Link. And no.


  • Too bad smosh died 5 years ago or this would’ve been good

  • Is Rhett a sexy-Abraham-Lincoln impersonator, or is he a sexy Abraham-Lincoln-impersonator?

  • is 1:45 supposed to be a reference to "Are you gonna eat that?"

  • wait stevies MARRIED now? i thought they have just been dating for a long time. or is she just saying that because link was talking about his wife. i hope they got married by now.

  • Link being link for 22 minutes straight 😂

  • Where is the awakward clap filled intro song we all know and love?! :(

  • IT'S BACK, IT'S BACK, IT'S FINALLY BACK!!! =D Now why did I not see it was until right now?!

  • Today we ask the age old question will it explosive Diarrhea? LET'S TALK ABOUT THAT!

  • Is it just me or does Link look like Ian's uncle?

  • I really need to know what and why Link was doing all those weird faces esspecially in the begining

  • The fake crowd weirds me out

  • Sweet lord when stevie licked her lips and that little pucker on her first turn. Also, ian's face every time he realizes this video ain't getting monetized is priceless

  • wow Smosh with GMM R&L?! wow! Ian!

  • link and ean are the same person

  • I wish they told what charities were donated to...

  • Jesh how this have 25m subs...

  • stranger things is totally overrated

  • Link might have anger issues

  • The only time Link is intentionally dirty is when he’s a guest on someone else’s show lmao

  • The world according to Stevie: anyone who hates stranger things means NOTHING to me!!!

  • Gmm is gold but the host of this show is reaching so hard to be part of their chemistry. First and last time I watch smosh.

  • I’m more used to hearing Stevie on GMM than Rhett or Link. Give Stevie a raise please.

  • Hahaha I wish Link woulda hit him with a quick “Well... ya have to! I’m ya boss!” At like 8:30 or so when Ian says he isn’t bringing Link on any more game shows hahahah. Would’ve been sooo funny and quick hahah. Especially if he did it in the right tone and speed haha. Use the right intonations to emphasize that it’s a joke.. idk haha I think I went too high into it 😉😂

  • Classic Link Neal. 😂 Gotta love em'.