Every Annoying Person Ever

Birt 3 feb 2020
We’ve met them, we’ve lived with them, we’ve been them. This is EVERY ANNOYING PERSON EVER!
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Courtney Miller // co_mill
Damien Haas // damienhaas
Ian Hecox // ianhecox
Jacklyn Uweh // blkjack76
Keith Leak Jr. // keithleakjr
Kimmy Jimenez // kimmydoesstuff
Noah Grossman // instagram.com/
Olivia Sui // oliviasui
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  • 6:13 when they said "ein dont" i was like: wait if he has blue hair.. and they called him ein.... oml he is ein....

  • I like old man story's they funny

  • You are a horable mother

  • I honestly got soooooooo frustrated with the One-Up person 😤

  • To Noah, actually, lemonade mouth is about this group of kids that were in detention they all met up but then they decided to make a band and they wanted to raise money for the music program and then that’s actually the idea where they got the band and then one day they had this lemonade machine and they were taking it down so they started protesting bring it back and then they scored as huge band.

  • The funniest thing is that when he is talking about lemonade mouth, that’s not even what the movie is about

  • Annoying: harassing people,, repeating an action that is making people feel attacked The annoying person later: omg everyone thinks im such a burden everyone hates me im so "depressed"


  • I'm the fidgetier 100% no cap.

  • You should have gotten Gus Johnson for the “close talker” one because the worst is when the close talker is a tall person and they just get real close and tower over you

  • Damien is better than Anthony



  • 5:24 i know Harry Potter the movie tho

  • im the drummer dude lol

  • There are two movies called The Omen the 1976 and the remake from 2006.

  • you're kids a little splatered eh i'll make a new one

  • Hewo smosh!

  • 3:55 this is literally how i feel

  • How dare you disrespect such an amazing movie as Lemonade Mouth, Noah!? You will pay for your sins!

  • “The fidgeter” “Well some people actually can’t help it meaning its a mental thing like me. I was in a mental hospital and the only thing that kept me...ya know, I kept fidgeting my marker or anything I can have there”

  • Is the devil’s advocate just mat pat?

  • I feel so attacked right now .-. Like i fidget easily and i walk rather slowly .-.

  • You forgot: The Mother who Tells You How to Take Care of Your Kids


  • 2021anyone?

  • 8:58 shamian/dayne 😂😂

  • Imagine if this was just full of YOUR quotes big oof

  • I tap and fidget with my fingers

  • 6:00 this guy sounds like mat pat i think that was intentional

  • The One Up was seriously making me cringe.

  • So true lol 😂 some kids at school do these kinda things! 😂😭🤣

  • I swear that it's only smosh videos with 2 15 second ads every thirty seconds

  • I think you meant to say "Every Jake Paul Ever"

  • Some one ups are trying to be relatable

  • I'm definitely the movie eletist.

  • What if Ian or shayne was given the ok by Courtney for cuties

  • I got really good aim....... respect lmao

  • 3:54 when James Charles says hi sisters

  • 5:30 shane and courtney are the people who watch harry potter damien is matpat explaining voldemorte is a hero

  • 3:53 Damien has a seizure

  • 5:29 this THIS is our boy matt

  • Also: the person who does not turn on the fan after taking a crap 💩

  • At 7:55 she sound like Danielle busby because Riley is one of her quints

  • I have ADHD so its easy for me to figit with things in class😂

  • “dam-IAN”

  • When they refer to Damien as Ian hahaha!

  • Smosh videos have way to many ads. I swear

  • 5:39 FilmTherory

  • damian be like film theory

  • Anyone else realize Damien is tapping on a bible?

  • Me. Thinking I know beat Keith. Shut the f@#% up

  • 5:29 is it just me or does this remind u of matpat

  • You should do every teachers pet ever

  • My name is Damien

  • 2:43 okay but that’s me THEY EVEN SAID RYLIE

    • RadioRylie R. SAMMMMME! That's me with Marvel movies, I got really mad at my best friend because she hadn't watched endgame

  • Bro, I have a friend that is always like "I want to tell you something" and when I say "What", she's like "Never mind", and let me tell you its SOOO Annoying!!!

  • Fidgetter is me everyday.

  • Ppp

  • “We served in Korea, not the war mind you, but a French restaurant called the American”

  • I literally almost choked and puked my food while watching "The Fidgeter".

  • The thing damien did sounded like the elevator scene in tmnt

  • That girl who told mikey whats wrong she looks like lisa from fresh prince of belair season 5 episode 9

  • With COVID-19, the "Close Talker" is 10 times worse

  • "It's more about gigabytes these days" Me with a few terabytes in abused broken drives: "huh, iPhone users" No shade to iPhones and their expensive per gig storage and no expandability, I actually have loads from over the years, can't beat that build quality right, good to repair for profit as well😝

  • Why is there no most annoying Channel and smosh is no.1

  • He doesn't told true story of lemonade mouth movie it's a musical movie not horror movie

  • At 3:03 thats me when someone hasent seen any marvel movie

  • You guys should do a "Every Accent Ever."

  • also Damien I get u boku no hero academia is great

  • When damien is playing the drums on a book hes not acting hes just having a stroke

  • This is why I don't have friends, they're dumb, they're annoying, always cut off people, this is why i want to kill myself

  • haha I to laugh NOT I DO NOT THINK FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5:14 I respect 100%

  • These are so good 😂


  • Not gonna lie, I had a kid in my class that was a “musician” and he had the exact same haircut as Damien in the skit lol

  • me: refreshes the page to avoid the ad youtube: wait, we fixed that

  • I watch this video and now I look at myself and go wow I’m annoying

  • I’m definitely the fidgeter just less of a fidgeter than in this video

  • 5:31 matpat has join the chat

  • They must be really rich by the amount of 20+ second ads

  • 3:54 everyone I know has kieth at all hours

  • Im a fidgeter 100%

  • This is just a Karen but men and women

  • Karennnnn

  • My sister is the one up

  • The fidgeter is just a percussionist

  • 5:26 this isnt even a bit this is just from the office security camera's

  • 3:50, 6:12, 9:23

  • 5:03 um knock on the door number one and number two it's annoying when people just barge in on you and just stand there, now I'm not saying it's not annoying when the person doesn't lock the door especially if it's one of the ones that say occupied or vacant but still like the spoiler and the spoil sport it goes both ways

  • The fidgeter is me but not as bad, I just throw my pencil around or tap my heels. O^O

  • Nobody: Damien: I’m just logically, i’m thinking about it logically 🤓

  • 4:20 THAT GRAMPS GOT HEAT ON HIS FEAT. Damn I wish I had drip like that

  • Yes, A French restaurant in Korea called "The American"

  • 3:55

  • Respect Ian respect

  • And in class there is always a figgeter

  • I swear I know a one up

  • 4:49 is how Covid started